Theses on various aspects of QRM

2005 Epping Polca Game Design
2005 Pieffers Polca case studies 1
2006 Mulder Adoption production control concepts
2007 Kraaijenbrink Polca case studies 2 (in Dutch)
2009 Verweij Polca at schott industrial glass
2010 Kortman Polca haalbare kaart (in Dutch)
2012 Dijk QRM based supplier evaluation
2012 Hoonte QRM Maturity Model
2012 Knol QRM in production
2012 Pejchinovska Polca at Bosch Hinges
2013 Heide QRM at Fashion Retailers
2013 Seepma QRM Responsive Leadership
2015 Bosklopper Lead times in mrp
2015 Hariadhi Pull structures
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